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yí miàn ... yí miàn ...
phr. ..., and at the same time ...(of two simultaneous actions)
Discussion of 一面......一面......
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一面…一面… indicates two or more actions going on simultaneously. This structure and “一边…一边…” have the same meaning and they are used basically in the same manner, but “一面…一面…” is more often used in the written language. In addition, “一面…一面…” can also join verbs of abstract meaning. For example:
E.g.1 我们的队伍一面前进,一面高喊着欢迎的口号。 [phr] Our team is marching forward, at the same time shouting the welcome slogans loudly.
E.g. 2 未来我们将面临更艰巨的任务,一面要节约物资,一面又要抓紧发展生产。 [phr] In the future we will be faced with even more difficult tasks. (We) will have to economize on the material resources, and meanwhile we also need to make the best of our time to develop production.
In E.g.1, we can replace 一面 with 一边 but the sentence will become less formal. In E.g.2, both 节约物资 and 抓紧发展生产 are actions of more abstract meanings.
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