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chú fēi ... cái ...
phr. Only if..., will...; Unless...,...
Discussion of 除非...才...
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This structure indicates that the result won’t be achieved without the condition given. 除非 is used in the clause where the condition is. The adverb 才 is used (after the subject) in the clause indicating the result. For example:
E.g.1 除非明天下大雪,会议才会取消。 [phr] Only if it snows heavily tomorrow will meeting be cancelled.; Unless it snows heavily tomorrow, the meeting will not be cancelled.
Pay attention that the 才 can never be omitted in the second clause. But sometimes 除非 can be absent. We can also say:
E.g. 2 明天下大雪,会议才会取消。 [phr] (Only if) it snows heavily tomorrow will meeting be cancelled.
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